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Nejla's 70th Birthday Event

Dear Nefise,

Thank you so much for agreeing to take the photographs at the celebrations to mark my 70th birthday last month. It was very kind of you to give up part of your own special day in order to capture mine, and I greatly appreciate it.

The photographs are all truly beautiful and impressive, and I love the way you have managed to encapsulate the whole event as it was meant to be. You have to be quite accomplished to manage to catch some of the children's poses at the event in the way you did; my guests' feedback was all positive in terms of your presence at the meal and throughout the evening.

You are a gifted photographer and I wish you well in the future. Thank you again.

Nejla Clements

Communication Workers Union - Equality Conferences

"The photographic coverage that Nefise provided for the CWU’s 2015 Equality Conferences was second to none – providing us with a raft of imaginatively composed images for the CWU Voice magazine, the CWU website and associated social media usage. A thoughtfully edited selection of pictures from each of the conferences (Women's & Disability) was supplied promptly after each of the events, allowing for immediate usage with contemporaneous web reports. Events of this nature don’t automatically lend themselves to pictorial coverage, but the expressive shots of conference speakers that Nefise captured brought life to our coverage of these events, along with a good selection of generic ‘reportage’ pictures capturing scenes such as delegates listening to debate, voting and informally chatting amongst themselves. We could not have wished for a better range of pictures.”
Simon Alford
Head of Communications, CWU

Rauf Denktas UK Book Launch

I wanted to write and say a huge thank you for your photography skills on the night of my official UK Book Launch. Your professionalism and friendly manner really helped capture and produce some wonderful moments from the evening's events. Once again, thank you very much and well done!

Best wishes,
Yvonne Cerkez
Author of 'Rauf Denktas - a Private Portrait'

Photography After School Club

My son Akram already had an interest in photography and art when he joined photography club. His interests and talents were developed and honed into specific skills, such as analysing lighting, attention to detail and different positions in order to take the perfect picture. Nefise has taught Akram and the other children in a way that has kept them engaged and has developed transferable skills in a way that is sensitive to the needs of both parents and children. She is very good at keeping parents involved too. We had an extremely enjoyable parent’s workshop where the children took their parents portraits. Those photographs are some of my favourite to date. The exhibition was also a real success as we celebrated our children’s work with colleagues and other key community members. I really like the fact that Nefise gave us our child’s work on a USB at the end of the year which enabled Akram and I to choose our favourite pictures to design and make a photobook. This all takes effort and organisation, and isn’t something that has gone unnoticed. Thank you Nefise. Job well done!
Hasina Haque

Well Street E9 Photographic Project by Berger Primary School

It is hard to believe that primary school children aged 9, 10 and 11 could take such great photos.

But that's been down to Nefise who has inspired them, and through her photographic skills helped them to understand the process and to get the best from their cameras. And they had fun and really enjoyed it!

It's been exciting to see the quality of work produced by the pupils and I can say that the shopkeepers of Well Street and their staff, have enjoyed the children visiting and taking photos.

From the feedback and comments given by the children in their evaluations, it is clear that this project also helped them to gain confidence in dealing with people. Also, they now understand much more about how the same thing can be perceived differently by different people, and also came to understand much more about local businesses and how they work.

Nefise put a lot of work into the photographic club - a lot more than the paid time allowed, particularly in creating and setting up the exhibition.

She is a highly creative photographer who imparted to the young people the way to explore their creative potential. And also showed she is not afraid of hard work which is the other part of being effective as she has been.

As a person, Nefise is also good to work with as she listens to people and thinks about each situation to see what are the best possibilities.
Councillor Ian Rathbone, Secretary of Well Street Traders and Residents Association (WESTRA)

Our Wedding Day Beautifully Captured!

Due to a number of reasons, our wedding was a small intimate affair with family that took place within a short space of time and with little preparation. We had decided on doing away with many of the traditional wedding formalities and had even decided to take photos ourselves! I am so very glad I was convinced otherwise and in particular to meet with Nefise.

Nefise came highly recommended. She was incredibly thorough in her planning and immediately understood the look and feel of the day - which has been beautifully captured by her photography. She takes her time getting to know you and understanding exactly what it is you have in mind. We were very grateful on the day as she orchestrated the group wonderfully and took a combination of some very naturalistic and formal photos in a short time frame. Thank you Nefise!

Our Wedding Day at the Guildhall, Windsor

Hi Nefise,

As you know Ann and I had a fabulous wedding, formally at the Guildhall Windsor and later the celebration dinner at Pennyhill Park. It was all summed up the next morning when Ann said she would like to do it all again, perhaps in slower motion.

Much as I would have wanted to grant her wish that was not possible. However we do have your truly great pictures of the day. From arrival at the historic Guidhall, through the formal declarations, the atmosphere outside with friends and family, the piper playing in the background, and then on to the more relaxed evening celebrations. You captured everything as it was and it is these images and memories that we can, and will, relive many many times in the months and years ahead.

I have in the past witnessed many photographers who perhaps think, and portray, that they are the most important person of the wedding day, not so you. Your quiet and professional demeanour was such that that you did not intrude, you were here, there and everywhere quietly recording the events, without fuss or bother. The result is a wonderful and natural pictorial record which will be long treasured.

You have got it right Nefise, keep up the good work, you will be a great success!

With very best wishes from us both.
Tony Fleming

Your Lovely Photos

Nefise- I have a few of your prints now and have framed them and hung them in my house. Everyone loves them. I gave one of the Abney Angels to a friend in Edinburgh and he thought it was beautiful, so hopefully your work will be seen North of the border!
I think you have done a fabulous thing by pursuing your photography with such success Nefise. Keep it up!
Jeannie Davidson

Photos for Sezen Aksu UK Album Press Launch

Dear Nefise,

On behalf of our clients record label World Village, Kazum! (promoter) and Sezen Aksu, I wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent photographs from 'Optum's' UK press launch. Stepping in at the last minute, you followed the brief to a tee and quickly turned the photos around to give us great visuals for our news. As you know, the story went national in Turkey and was front page here in the UK Turkish press, many using your shots. It's been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to doing so again in the near future.

Best wishes,

Ipek Ozerim, Prickly Pear
Ipek Ozerim

Embargoed! AGM

Nefise you are the optimum professional. You took same amazing shots at our AGM which have helped us get great coverage for our event and which we have been able to use on our website. You turned the work around so quickly and went above and beyond the original brief that we gave you. You are such a wonderful find, I cannot wait to work with you again to take some more wonderful shots of our group's future events!
Emel Djevdet Embargoed! Chairperson

Embargoed! Event @ The Regency

Nefise this is a quick thank you to express the appreciation of our Human Rights Group for the wonderful job you did taking care of the Photography needs of our organisation last Thursday. It was a lively evening and there were a number of demands placed on you and you delivered on all of them. Post-event you have also responded very quickly to any requests . I look forward to working with you again and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your work.
Well done!
Fevzi Hussein, Chair & Director of Embargoed!

Website Photos

Nef, a heart felt thank you for the vibrant photos you contributed to my website, which brought it to life for me. I will be highly recommending you to everyone.

Your work is pure art and some of your pictures on your own stylish website are pure humour too which I love. They reveal a certain something of you which can only be a good thing!
Niki D

Empowering people with Learning disabilities

Hello Nefise, Great seeing you in action at the Embargoed seminar, your portfolio is magnificent hope we can work together sometime.
Turhan Ismail

Portrait Photos

Absolutely fantastic photos!
The photos you did of my baby son and I are wonderful and my son felt totally at ease with you. I look forward to working with you again.
I would be more than happy for you to use these for promotional material!
Regards Wendy
Wendy Weir

Your Photography

You are an amazing photographer Nefise. I've enjoyed looking through all these pictures, though I must say my favorites are the still life and winter shots. Be sure to keep that camera busy!